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About [Tuina]: Are you suffering from pain? Both long-term pain and short-term pain are equally painful. When going to the Bieda Medical Center to observe the bones, in addition to palpation, medicine, and alcohol, there is also an indispensable remedy for pain relief, which is [Tuina]. Is massage equal to massage? Am I suitable for Tuina? The following is a step-by-step explanation of Master Bone Clinic Tuina and Osteopathy.

Master Bone Clinic Tuina Therapy

Master Bone Clinic Tuina Therapy is based on the theory of the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The hand massage method that has been proven in many people helps to stimulate the whole body meridian points (in short, the whole body acupoints), and make the patient qi and blood. Circulation, if there is a warm current, reaches the balance of yin and yang. Another example is joint swelling and pain caused by falls, stiffness of muscles and bones, stagnation of Qi and blood stasis caused by servants, and inconvenience caused by neurological diseases. Meridian hand therapy is one of the answers. That is, it can be obtained by venting the qi of stagnation and closing, rubbing it together, and dispelling the swelling of the knot. For example, patients with acute abdominal pain can choose the corresponding acupoints in the bladder meridian and press hard to relieve the pain.

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The question most people ask the master is: Will Tuina massage become more and more swollen? Check out the answer below

Is Tuina equal to massage?

Tuina is a traditional Chinese medicine method that can prevent pain and relieve pain and cure diseases. It is one of the common pain-relieving methods that people use when “watching bruises”. It is used to relieve physical pain, such as stagnation of air due to falls and injuries Joint swelling and pain caused by blood stasis. Tuina is the ancient “massage”. The difference lies in the technique. Acupoint massage stimulates the body’s meridian points or diseased parts through certain techniques, and adjusts the body’s yin and yang qi and blood to prevent and treat diseases in conjunction with certain specific body movements. , The treatment method of relaxing muscles. The following is a summary of the 15 most commonly used massage techniques in Master Bone Clinic. See which one you have tried when you observe the beating?

What exactly is “massage”?

“Press” and “Mo” are different, but they are both gestures used to describe orthopedics and bone traumatologists. The term massage actually has a long history, and there is a record of acupoint massage in the “Huangdi Neijing”, which is a valuable medical experience left by the ancients. Massage can be interpreted as describing the action of the physiotherapist pressing the tightening muscles. The purpose is to stimulate the specific acupoints through the intervention of hand force, thereby stimulating blood circulation. Because massage is divided into different techniques, combined with different frequencies and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, it can treat the source of pain in different parts, and it has a good effect on common pain. At least 3 fingerings are combined in the massage process. Five fingerings are commonly used in Master Bone Clinic, which can deeply relax muscles and bones, which is particularly effective for stubborn pain.

Does massage help organ health?

Massage is also a cure, but also health preservation. Because the pressing action can touch the acupuncture points of the whole body, and many acupuncture points can promote the health of internal organs. A patient with a gastrointestinal disorder asked for help. The therapist used fingering massage to massage the middle house, press Zusanli, and drink Chinese medicine to adjust the stomach. Naturally, the stomach can be relieved and the body can recover on its own without having to take the medicine. For example, push Daheng acupoint, Pishu, Jiashu Nengjian stomach and so on.

Will the massage become more swollen?

This is the question most people ask us. the answer is:

will not. Most people lose their balance and cause sprained ankles, which are commonly known as “sweeping firewood”. They are swollen and inflamed from bruising. They usually avoid moving and touching the surrounding muscles for fear that they will become more swollen. In fact, the redness and swelling in the concept of Chinese medicine is because the blood is not clear, so the blood will become more painful. The correct massage technique stimulates the corresponding acupuncture points based on the source of pain, not limited to body parts. The purpose is to promote qi and blood circulation, smooth joints, reduce swelling and relieve pain, so proper pressing can speed recovery.

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