[Training Short Neck] So I think it’s all right? Indulging in poor posture can cause long-term pain! Repeated recurrence is very troublesome.

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[Training Short Neck] So I think it’s all right? Indulging in poor posture can cause long-term pain! Repeated recurrences are very troublesome. How to treat and prevent them, let’s take a look at it in one article!

The scientific name of short neck stiff neck has two main causes: one is muscle sprain, such as poor sleeping posture at night, and the head and neck are in an excessively displaced position for a long time; or the pillow is uncomfortable during sleep, too high, too low or too hard, causing the head and neck In a state of hyperextension or hyperflexion, the muscles that cause headaches are tense, the small joints of the cervical spine are sprained incorrectly, and static injuries can occur within a period of time. Reduced, the movement is significantly reduced, etc. The second is to feel the wind and cold, such as catching cold during sleep, greedy cold in midsummer, causing stagnation of blood in the cervical spine, blockage of muscles and collaterals, resulting in stiffness and pain, and unfavorable movements. Third, certain fatal traumas can also cause protective muscle contraction and joint twisting. When sleeping, poor posture, stagnation of qi and blood, and constriction of muscles and veins can also lead to this disease. Fourth, it is known to have cervical spondylopathy and other neck and shoulder muscle injuries, a slight cold or poor sleeping posture, which immediately triggers the disease, and can even stiff neck repeatedly, which is very troublesome.

Get up and train for a short neck stiff neck, ignore it, think it’s all right after a day or two? Poor sleeping posture, pillows, mattresses, etc. that are not suitable for you are one of the most common causes of poor posture. Poor posture during long-term training will not only often train short necks, stiff shoulder and neck muscles, coupled with daily work strain, feel very heavy and hard on the shoulders, and will slowly cause cervical spine displacement without realizing it, even more during massage. It will hurt. Zhongyuantang case sharing-The client in the case did not maintain a good sleeping posture, often went home and fell asleep in the grooming, often got up with stiff neck-commonly known as the training short neck-situation, but did not take good care of it, and was ignored Shoulder and neck discomfort, when I came to the physiotherapy center today, the neck and shoulder position were very stiff, and it was easy to be painful when pressing the cervical spine, which is a symptom of shoulder and neck pain caused by a classic poor posture. After undergoing cervical spine manipulation, he said that his shoulders, neck and entire back can relax and move smoothly. As long as he maintains a good posture and pays attention to daily life, he does not need to worry about shoulder and neck pain.

How to prevent it?
1.Use pillows appropriately: At least a quarter of life in Hong Kong is spent in bed (one-third in other areas). The height and hardness of the pillow has a direct impact on the cervical spine. The best pillow should be able to support the cervical spine Physiological curve, and keep the cervical spine straight. The pillow should be elastic and stable, and the pillow core should be thermally compressed foam pillow core. For those who like to lie on their backs, the height of the pillow is about 8 cm; for those who like to lie on their sides, the height is about 10 cm. In the supine position, the lower edge of the pillow is best to cushion the upper edge of the scapula so that the neck cannot be empty. In fact, the real name of the pillow should be called “Neck Pillow”. Improper pillows often cause stiff neck. Repeated stiff necks are often a sign of cervical spondylosis, which should be diagnosed and treated in time. In addition, it is important to pay attention to pillow mats. Pillow mats are preferably made of straw.

2.Keep the neck warm. Cold stimulation of the neck can cause muscle vasospasm and aggravate the pain of neck stagnation. In the autumn and winter season, it is best to wear high-collar clothes; the weather is slightly hot, and you should take care to prevent the neck and shoulders from getting cold when you sleep at night; in the hot season, the air conditioner temperature should not be too low.

3.Correct posture The main cause of cervical spondylosis is incorrect posture for work and study. Good posture can reduce fatigue and avoid injury. Bowing your head for too long will cause muscle fatigue, aging of cervical intervertebral discs, and chronic strain, which will result in a series of symptoms. The best posture for desk work is to keep the neck straight, lean forward slightly, do not twist or tilt; work more than 1 hour, should rest for a few minutes, do some neck exercises or massage; it is not advisable to lean on the head of the bed or the armrest of the sofa Read books and watch TV.

4.Avoiding injury to the neck can also induce this disease. In addition to paying attention to the posture, avoid sleeping on the vehicle, because you will sprain your head without knowing it under the sway of the vehicle. If the body rushes forward, injury will occur. Therefore, you must protect yourself and do not doze off in the car. When sitting in the seat, you can turn your body appropriately and move your side forward; avoid cervical spine injury during sports competitions; acute attacks of cervical spondylosis At this time, the cervical spine should be reduced in activity, especially to avoid rapid head turning, and use a cervical collar to protect it when necessary.

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