【Acupuncture】 Can bone spurs really be treated? Or is there any way to intervene? Now I will make a brief introduction!

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【Bone Spurs】 Can acupuncture really be used for treatment? Or is there any intervention method? Now I will introduce it in this article!

First tell everyone what is bone spur?
Bone spurs, commonly known as bone hyperplasia, also known as osteophytes, are a common orthopedic disease. Bone spurs usually occur in joints that move more frequently. Due to repeated use of these joints, they are prone to wear and tear. They are generally believed to be related to aging, injury, obesity, overweight, endocrine disorders, abnormal bone cell metabolism, neurotrophic disorders, and joints. Local blood circulation changes and other factors are related, which may be accompanied by severe pain.

How to treat bone spurs with acupuncture
After bone spurs, patients can use acupuncture for symptomatic treatment, because acupuncture treatment can promote local blood circulation, and it can also accelerate the metabolism in the muscles, which can dredge the double meridians and achieve pain relief. Acupuncture treatment is a kind of adjuvant treatment in clinic, and it cannot fundamentally solve the complications of bone spurs. It may also be combined with other auxiliary treatments. Or you can take a foot bath, perform orthopedic lotion and fumigation, or consider adopting minimally invasive surgery for bone spur removal, which can effectively cure bone spurs.

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