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Master Bone Clinic bone reduction pain price list

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Want to find 【Bone Orthopedic Reduction】osteopathy services in Hong Kong? Are you afraid of high charges and unreasonable prices? Master Bone Clinic Osteopathic Reduction Pain Price List


Bone setting reduction, Chinese medicine refers to the treatment of fractures, dislocations and other diseases by pushing, pulling, pressing, and pressing. Osteopathy, the name of a specialty, is a specialty that diagnoses and treats injuries. It is also one of the “13 departments” of ancient medicine, and it is also called the Department of Traumatology or Orthopedics.


The target of bone orthopedics is mainly bone, joint and soft tissue damage caused by external forces, but also includes internal organ damage caused by similar causes. The word “zheng” is used as a gerund here. It is a science and technology to treat the limbs deformed and restored due to bone and joint injuries.
In the official medical system of the Yuan Dynasty, there was a “Bone Surgery and Jinji Section”. Therefore, Wei Yilin, a medical scientist who specializes in bone setting in the Yuan Dynasty, set up the “Bone setting and gold cutting department” in Volume 18 of his “Shiyi Dexiao Prescription” to specifically discuss the pulse and syndrome of bone and joint injuries and diseases caused by golden blades. rule. The “Yi Zong Jin Jian · Essentials of Bone Surgery and Heart Treatment” pointed out: “Today’s orthopedics is also the evidence of ancient bruises.

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Cervical Spine Displacement

Spine Displacement

Thoracic Spine Displacement

Frozen Shoulder

Stiff Neck


Frozen Shoulder

Tsim Sha Tsui Master Bone Clinic Pain Treatment Centre

Tsim Sha Tsui(Whatsapp)


中元堂(尖沙醫舘)地址:九龍尖沙咀北京道65至69號環球商業大廈7樓703室(港鐵尖沙咀站i squre 即H出口) Tsim Sha Tsui clinic address:Room 703, 7/F, UNIVERSAL COMMERCIAL BUILDING, No. 65-69, PEKING ROAD, TSIM SHA TSUI, KOWLOON Google


Causeway Bay Master Bone Clinic Pain Treatment Centre

Causeway Bay(Whatsapp)


中元堂(銅鑼灣醫舘)地址:銅鑼灣富明街1-5號寶富大樓3樓O室(么鳳樓上) Causeway Bay clinic address: Flat O 3/F, Po Foo Building, 1-5 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay Google Map:


Mong Kok Master Bone Clinic Pain Treatment Centre

Mong Kok(Whatsapp)


中元堂(旺角醫舘)地址:九龍旺角西洋菜南街1A號百寶利商業中心11樓02及03室(港鐵旺角站E2出口或港鐵油麻地站A2出口) Mong Kok clinic address: Room 2 & 3, 11/F, Pakpolee Commercial Centre, 1A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Google Map:

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