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Master Bone Clinic’s doctors came to the [Breakfast Night Clinic] service, and suddenly I was not afraid of getting bruises and bruises at night!

In the evening, I made an appointment with a friend to play basketball. It was very difficult. I really wanted to apply medicine to relieve swelling and pain.

It takes nine nights to return to work in the morning. After work, I have to work overtime until midnight. I was sprained when the company was bent over. When I was off work, all the medical clinics had been closed, and the master had stopped work. , Plus the injury is serious, it can’t be dealt with by just using iron to beat oil or ointment

What should I do if I have to go to work tomorrow?

Don’t be afraid that there will be doctors in Master Bone Clinic that will provide you with a night medical service. As long as you live in a place along the subway, we can provide you with services.


(This night outpatient service is subject to actual conditions and manpower arrangements. The final decision on whether to provide or not lies with the company, and other service recipients shall not object)

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