What is shoulder dislocation?

If you have a [Joint dislocation] (Joint dislocation) point is good? Is it difficult to treat? Master Bone Clinic and Traumatology Department can help you!

The shoulder joint is composed of a small, shallow, flat scapular glenoid and a large, round humeral head. The ligaments around the joint are weak and the joint capsule is relatively loose. Therefore, the shoulder joint has the largest range of motion, but it is also prone to dislocation, commonly known as “falling shoulder.”


The above information is for reference only. If you want an accurate diagnosis, please consult your orthopedic doctor or doctor, or you can make an appointment with our Master Bone Clinic’s doctor.。

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如果你有【關節脫位】(Joint dislocation)點算好?很難醫治嗎?中元堂跌打骨傷科幫到你!
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