What is a clavicle fracture

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Reasons and types of fractures: Because the clavicle is located on the outer layer, fractures are prone to occur. Fractures caused by indirect violence are more common. When the hand or elbow touches the ground when a fall, the external force impacts from the forearm or elbow along the upper limbs to the proximal end; the shoulder touches the ground more often and hits the outer end of the clavicle to cause a fracture. Children and young adults occur frequently.

Fractures caused by indirect violence are mostly oblique or horizontal, and their parts are more common in the middle; for example, when the hand or elbow touches the ground when falling, external force impacts from the forearm or elbow along the upper limb to the proximal end; shoulder touch is more common, impact Fracture at the outer end of the clavicle. Fractures caused by indirect violence are mostly oblique or horizontal, and most of them are found in the middle and outer 1/3. Fractures caused by direct violence vary depending on the focus, and most of them are crushed or rampant.

Local swelling, subcutaneous blood stasis, tenderness or deformity, the deformity can touch the displaced fracture end, such as the fracture displacement and overlap, the distance between the acromion and the sternum stem becomes shorter. The limb function of the injured side was limited, the shoulders were drooping, the upper arms were close to the chest and did not dare to move, and he supported the affected elbow with a healthy hand. The deformity of young children’s green branch fractures is mostly not obvious, and they often cannot complain about the painful part, but their heads are often deviated to the affected side and the jaws turn to the healthy side. This feature helps clinical diagnosis. Sometimes fractures caused by direct violence can puncture the pleura and cause pneumothorax, or damage the blood vessels and nerves under the clavicle, and the corresponding symptoms and signs will appear.

The principle of treatment of clavicle fractures is to restore its anatomical shape to the greatest extent, while also taking into account the local aesthetic requirements. The vast majority of clavicle fractures can be treated non-surgically. But for clavicle fractures with significant displacement, manual reduction alone is difficult to achieve good fracture reduction, and external fixation cannot maintain good fracture alignment. It can only achieve the removal of excessive abnormal activities of the bone end and maintain the fracture end at a certain level. The deformity is healed, and obvious deformity may be left in the local area.


The above information is for reference only. If you want an accurate diagnosis, please consult your orthopedic doctor or doctor, or you can make an appointment with our Master Bone Clinic’s doctor.

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