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Master Bone Clinic was established by a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, hoping to let more people know traditional Chinese medicine, promote the spirit of benevolence and benevolence of Chinese medicine, and help more people with Chinese medicine knowledge.

– 中元堂註冊中醫師

Registered Chinese Physician of Master Bone Clinic

中醫旺角推薦, 婦科生BB, 濕疹食療專家 - 中元堂

1. Laws of Hong Kong Chapter 54

2. The committee set up by the government is responsible for the implementation of “self-regulation” of the level of Chinese medicine firms

香港中醫藥管理委員會 (Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Council) —

3. Know a little bit more about the Chinese Medicine Practicing Qualification Examination)

Participation qualifications and course requirements

4. Primary care guide

Department of Health website:

5.Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office

Traditional Chinese Medicine Information: