【Lumbar muscle strain】

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Is there a [lumbar muscle strain]? Chinese medicine practitioners in Zhongyuantang can focus on manual therapy, tap acupuncture points, and then use cupping: use the method of walking and flashing cups to collect the power of invigorating blood and promoting qi!

How to cause it?
There are many causes of chronic lumbar muscle strain, mainly due to long-term bending and work, resulting in degeneration of lumbar muscle fibers and ligaments, a small amount of which is torn, forming scars or fiber cords and adhesions, and there are also long-term chronic lumbar pain and fatigue symptoms. It can also be caused by other diseases. There are many possibilities for this, so I won’t discuss it here.

Lumbar muscle strain is repeated attacks of abdominal pain, soreness and weakness, bending over fatigue or sitting for a long time
The main manifestations are diseases such as aggravation after rest and relief of symptoms after rest. This is a common clinical disease. It is more common on the left side than on the right side. It is common in people between 40 and 60 years old and people who stand for a long time, such as porters or manual workers, and people who return to office buildings.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to excessive strain, it is also considered to be caused by the invasion of wind, cold and dampness, which aggravates the inflammatory response.

What problems do patients with lumbar muscle strain have for their lives?
-The waist is usually sore or painful. In severe cases, there may be tingling or burning pain, which may involve the outer thigh. Aches and weakness in the waist, difficulty getting up, and even hand support.
-Sit for too long and symptoms aggravate when tired; rest, appropriate activities, and frequent changes in body position alleviate symptoms, and aggravate after excessive activity or strenuous exercise.
-Some patients have limited waist movement.

Treatment method:
—Manipulation therapy: the patient takes the prone position, first performs pressing and rubbing, looking for pain points and nodules with the sensation of falling hands, relaxing superficial muscles, looking for tender points, and plucking on the tender points with thumb and palm fingers , In order to loosen the fascia, relax the air machine.

—Tap acupuncture points:

Focus on the base of the palm or the whole palm and walk along the bladder meridian and governor channel of the patient’s lower back
Push and press repeatedly, or use virtual palms to beat and slap along the direction of the muscle fibers on both sides of the spine, repeating 2~3 times…

The cause of blood stasis and qi stagnation can be used to push and press to promote qi and blood circulation; the sweeping and patting method can dispel cold, relieve fascia adhesion and cause qi to move…

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