【Back Myofasciitis】

Is it good to have back myofasciitis? Zhongyuantang Chinese medicine practitioners can use manual therapy as the main purpose. The main purpose is to dredge the air machine and smooth the meridians!


Most of the cases are caused by the lack of timely treatment after acute low back injury or long-term superior strain and recurrence of wind, cold and dampness, causing poor circulation of Qi and blood in the low back, stagnation of Qi on the muscle surface, and myofascial adhesion.
Wind-cold-dampness evil refers to a series of pain-based symptoms caused by edema, exudation and fibrous changes in the myofascial and muscle tissue of the lower back due to cold, dampness, chronic strain or external force injury without timely treatment.

How to self-assess the possibility of suffering?
When I get up in the morning, it is particularly painful when I am inactive or overactive for a long time. After proper activity, the pain is relieved. In the evening, the symptoms begin to pain again, and the recurrence of fatigue occurs due to fatigue and weather changes.

How to treat?
The main purpose of manual therapy is to dredge the Qi machine and smooth the meridian.
The cause of cold is supplemented by sweating to dispel cold, blood stasis is combined with the way of promoting qi and blood circulation, and Datong is for the purpose of painlessness, thereby alleviating muscle spasm and loosening myofascial adhesions.

Pain treatment

Types and classifications of pain
Pain treatment
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