Scoliosis is more likely to occur in children/children? Does it require bone setting?

[Scoliosis] It is more likely to occur in children/children? Do I need bone setting?

Overweight schoolbags used by students have become a common problem in Hong Kong. Studies have been conducted to determine the recommended average weight of schoolbags compared to child weight (BW) to describe the correct way to carry schoolbags and determine the risk factors associated with carrying schoolbags. Propose alternative methods to avoid or at least reduce these shortcomings. Most research reports point out that if the schoolbag exceeds the recommended weight (10% of the student’s body weight) for a long time, it may affect the alignment (walking) of the skeletal muscles. In addition to causing body deformities, it will also cause back pain and neck pain. And shoulder pain. Recent reports have focused on the weight of schoolbags, transportation methods and duration, which may affect the normal growth of students’ shoulders, hand cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar spine and students’ age.

The Germans originally proposed a general guideline for 10% of body weight (Voll and Klimt) (1977). Many subsequent studies continue to recommend and emphasize that the load of school bags should not exceed this limit. The best way to carry a school bag is on your shoulders, with thicker straps and hip straps to distribute the load appropriately. The duration of transportation is also an important factor affecting the posture of the cervical spine and shoulder, which may cause and maintain musculoskeletal symptoms. It was found that the age of students was significantly associated with developing musculoskeletal diseases, especially in adolescent children (11-14 years old). Gender is another important predictor. Girls show more symptoms than boys of the same age. Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal problem, and shoulder pain is the second most common symptom in children. Preventive measures such as limiting carrying burdens and correcting carrying methods are multifaceted and need to be implemented in cooperation between different authorities, including students and their parents, the Ministry of Education, and the media, to achieve these goals. Keywords: school-age children, school bags, carrying methods. Introduction The term schoolbag refers only to student bags, regardless of its weight, shape, size or color.

Studies have shown that the probability of schoolbags being used by students in developed countries is at least 90% (Hong Kong believes it is 100%). Backpacks are believed to be the main cause of many musculoskeletal discomforts (MSD). In recent years, non-specific back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and poor posture have become more and more important topics in research. If you want children to avoid scoliosis and other problems, in addition to reducing their weight (it does not appear to be It may happen, unless the school has bookcases or they approve them with hand-pushing schoolbags), it is best to check with orthopedics specialists regularly, and even perform orthopedic treatment when necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the doctors of Master Bone Clinic follow up.

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