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Inflammation around the shoulder joint is referred to as frozen shoulder, commonly known as frozen shoulder, commonly known as fifty shoulder (because the age of onset is about 50 years old). The shoulder pain gradually develops, even at night, and gradually worsens. The shoulder joint movement function is limited and gradually worsened. After reaching a certain level, it gradually relieves until the final recovery is the main manifestation of the shoulder joint capsule and its surrounding ligaments, tendons, and tendons. Chronic specific inflammation of the bursa. Periarthritis of the shoulder is a common disease with shoulder joint pain and inconvenience as the main symptoms. The incidence of women is slightly higher than that of men, and it is more common in manual workers. If effective treatment is not available, it may seriously affect the functional activities of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint may have extensive tenderness and radiate to the neck and elbows, as well as varying degrees of deltoid atrophy.

Treatment by registered chiropractors can improve the following conditions:

-Herniated disc
-Lower back and neck pain caused by non-intervertebral disc herniation
-Caudal facet joint syndrome
-Spinal stenosis
-Poor posture
-Back surgery failure, headache
-Neck pain
-Frozen shoulder
-Waist pain
-Knee pain
-Ankle pain
-Foot pain
-Bone spurs
-Numbness of hands and feet
-Sports trauma
-Occupational injury

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