Master Bone Clinic’s 2020 Chinese bone-setting fees at a glance

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【Master Bone Clinic Dit Da fee】

List of prices for Hong Kong orthopedic doctors’ services in 2020

Master Bone Clinic was founded by Wu Shihai, an old Chinese doctor with more than 50 years of medical experience. Inheriting professional massage techniques, secretly making bone-setting wine, and providing Chinese bone-setting medicine services for Hong Kong people at a fee. The following are the latest charges of

Master Bone Clinic in 2020:

Master Bone Clinic services include:

Indications of pain and symptoms:

Dit Da, bone injuries, sprains of muscles and bones, old diseases, bone pain, fractures, bone cracks, low back pain, low back pain, neck pain, neck pain, neck pain, back pain, old diseases, bruises, Improve microvascular circulation, speed up new injuries to remove blood stasis and swelling, improve limb joint tightening, hand and foot stiffness, hand and foot pain, hand and foot sprain, waist, knee and ankle strain, joint strain, muscle strain, ligament strain, sprain, soft tissue injury, dispel blood stasis and relieve pain , Dispel blood stasis, relieve pain, muscle pain, lumbar spine, lumbar intervertebral disc pain, Yunxun trauma, pain

Price List-2020 latest update

Demonstration of Master Bone Clinic Health Care Techniques-Many people have cervical spine displacement without realizing it

Don’t take it lightly for frequent back pain! Pain may be related to spine displacement│ Demonstration of Master Bone Clinic’s technique

Heartache is not necessarily a heart disease! It may be due to thoracic spine displacement! Can you solve it? Correct physiotherapy techniques can help the thoracic vertebrae │ Demonstration of Master Bone Clinic technique

Why don’t you get a hold of your shoulders? You may have frozen shoulder! No need to take analgesics, cupping massage can relieve the stiffness and pain caused by frozen shoulder, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and naturally no longer pain-Master Bone Clinic Manipulation Demonstration

  • What is the physiotherapy process of Master Bone Clinic?

Patients who want to go to Master Bone Clinic:

  1. You can contact Master Bone Clinic first Appointment line(Click Here)

  2. Arrive at Mong Kok Physiotherapy Center by appointment time (reservation required)(Address)

  3. The physical therapist makes inquiries, palpates, and discusses the treatment plan according to the patient’s condition.Give a quotation according to the location and treatment plan – Master Bone Clinic 2020 updated Pricelist

  4. Treatment is based on the situation, and follow-up consultation may be necessary.

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