【Back Pain】

Is there a good point for 【back pain】? Traditional Chinese medicine can use tendon manipulation, acupuncture, cupping, bloodletting, topical Chinese ointment, oral Chinese medicine or fumigation of Chinese medicine!

Acute lumbar sprain, commonly referred to as “waist flash”, refers to waist muscles, ligaments, fascia, and small joints that are twisted due to improper waist strength, overweight, or any reason. The clinical manifestations are characterized by sudden waist pain, restricted movement and muscle cramps. It mainly occurs in young and middle-aged manual workers, or people who lack physical exercise, who suddenly exercise vigorously without warming up. After a waist sprain, you may feel severe pain in your waist, especially when you cough, sneeze and bend your abdomen vigorously.

Traditional Chinese medicine point of view: Sprains, sprains the waist or violently contract muscles, sprains are called sprains, which damage the tendons and muscles around the joints. Acute lumbar sprains are usually caused by indirect violence. If the qi and blood cannot be unblocked, the veins and collateral branches are blocked, and the blood cannot penetrate the tendons.

TCM orthopedics treatment TCM physicians can use methods such as tendon manipulation, acupuncture, cupping, bloodletting, external use of traditional Chinese medicine ointment, internal use of traditional Chinese medicine or fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine, etc., to dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation, relieve muscles, and relieve pain. Qi and blood can help. Repair muscles and relieve pain.

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